Nails - Price List

Just Polish - £5.00

File & Polish - £8.00

Manicure - £15.00

Great if you're out for the weekend & want to add that finishing touch to your outfit , or if your job doesn't allow you to wear any polish, this is perfect for you! A relaxing hand soak, cuticles softened and removed, cut, filed, massaged and then painted.

Pedicure - £17.00

Our pedicures are a luxury treat if your feet are in need of some TLC!

Removing and polish or debris, cutting, filing, cuticles softened and removed followed by removal of any dead/rough skin and a massage, ending with whatever polish you desire!


Gel Polish - £22.00  / Removal & Tidy - £10.00

This is ideal if you have weak, brittle nails as it helps strengthen & protect them allowing healthy growth. Alternatively it's brilliant if you just love having a manicure that can last up to 2-3 weeks without chipping!

Your nails will be prepped by filing/cutting, cuticles removed, lightly buffed, PH balance (just to help the gel adhere to the nails) then finally a polish of your choice is cured under an LED or UV lamp. We have an array of over 100 gel polishes so you will never run out of colours to choose from! We use Gelish & Artistic polish. We find they are perfect for the job!


Nail Art:

Gel Glitter Full set - £26.00

Diamontes - £0.30 Each

Simple pattern - £1.00 (per nail)

Detailed pattern - £2.00 (per nail)

Full set - £26.00